BERA is a conversation between us and our forefathers through their crafts, telling us a great story of modesty, respect and honor

As we walk through life, what we embrace declares our sense of style and self which should be crafted with nothing but the Best.For over 100 years, the craftsmanship of our forefathers is passing down through generations which tell us the story of excellence and modesty.The Peshawari Chappal is one of the artisan’s most sought-after craft which a little about this timeless design has changed except for when it’s completely re-imagined.
At Bera, it starts with an idea to evolve these crafts through the finest materials, most meticulous methods and surest hands to transform them into a Bera icon. As connected to traditions, Bera is reinventing the possibilities to see these crafts with a new eye to blend handmade perfection with timeless elegance. Each product at Bera is cut, stitched, pressed, refined and fold into a unique handcraft that can become easily recognizable around the industry.This balance expertise, heritage, and modernity can be felt with each product. It is because we believe; as you journey through life, you should embrace the most valued craft with the stamp of authenticity.



Peshawari Chappal for men including leather sole peshawari chappal Round shape Peshawari Chappal


Only the best quality material is used with exceptional care by the master artisan to produce every item. The whole process from the inception till finished product is closely monitored.

Redefining Peshawari Culture such as Peshawari shawls


Everyone is included, customer, customer services officers, designers, managers, artisans, master artisans, suppliers, tool makers, administrators, quality assurance officers, real estate  

BERA is a local home made craft brand that works on the cultural products like Peshawar Chappal


Innovation at Bera is to bring forward this knowledge and wisdom to the mainstream market by utilizing technology and modern techniques of manufacturing.



Rashed Inam


Jahangir Ahmed


Abid Iqbal
Production Manager


Waleed Fancy
IT & Communications


Ishaq Hussain


Ahsan Khan


Shehzad Khan
Master Artisan


Shakir Khan
Master Artisan

Culturing Happiness
Preserving indigenous culture, knowledge and tradition