Franchising with BERA

In a world increasingly swayed by mass production, Bera stands as a beacon of traditional craftsmanship and quality. We invite you to explore an exciting opportunity to become part of our esteemed franchise network. Join hands with Bera as we weave the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan into products that resonate with people around the globe.

Our Legacy

Founded in 2017, Bera has been a household name synonymous with the iconic Peshawari Chappal. We take pride in our artisans who handcraft each product with dedication and finesse. Bera's commitment to tradition, quality, and innovation has led to our growth and recognition as a prominent brand within the traditional products industry.

The Opportunity

Franchising with Bera is not merely a business venture; it's an alliance with a brand that values heritage and authenticity. Here's why franchising with Bera is an opportunity worth considering:

  • Unmatched Quality: Our reputation for high-end products ensures customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Comprehensive Support: From training to marketing, we provide robust support to set our franchise partners up for success.
  • Flexible Models: Whether you're looking to open a single outlet or hold a master franchise, our models are tailored to suit varying investment levels.
  • Sustainable Practices: Our commitment to sustainability resonates with a conscious customer base, aligning with modern values.

What You Gain

As a Bera franchisee, you become part of a brand that celebrates Pakistani heritage. You gain:

  • A Trusted Brand Name: Leverage Bera's established reputation to attract and retain customers.
  • Ongoing Support and Training: Benefit from continuous guidance from our experienced team.
  • Exclusive Territory Rights: Build your business without competition from other Bera franchises in your territory.
  • Attractive ROI: With strong demand and excellent support, expect a promising return on your investment.

How to Join

Interested in exploring this unique opportunity further? Follow our transparent and well-documented franchising process:

  • Initial Inquiry: Contact our franchise team to express interest.
  • Information Sharing: Review our Franchise Information Pack.
  • Discussion & Discovery: Schedule a meeting to explore fit and alignment.
  • Site Selection & Agreement: Finalize details, including location and legalities.
  • Training & Onboarding: Engage in our comprehensive training program.
  • Launch & Ongoing Support: Open your Bera outlet and enjoy ongoing support.

Franchising with Bera is an opportunity to be part of a brand that reflects the soul of Pakistan. Our traditional products, crafted with love and skill, offer a connection to our roots. We're looking for passionate partners who share our vision and commitment.

Ready to embrace tradition and craft success with Bera? Contact us today to begin this exciting journey.

Call/WhatsApp: 0311 164 4085