The Origins of the Brand

The Origins of the Brand

Bera is a Brand that has swiftly become well-known for their fashionable and cozy Peshawari Chappals. Yet the brand's origin story is just as intriguing as the items themselves.

The issues with the conventional Peshawari Chappal gave rise to the concept for Bera. It was handcrafted and tough, but unpleasant and poorly designed. The creators of Bera, Jahangir and Rashed, were working with this product since 2014, until 2016 when at the time they recognized a potential to enhance it.

They discovered a premium chappal on a shelf at a little shop in Charsadda while paying an artisan a visit. The group had already discovered problems with the Peshawari Chappal that was in use at the time, and this excellent example offered a potential remedy. They requested some examples from the craftsman, which ended out to be far more stylish and comfortable than the conventional Peshawari Chappals of the period.

The "X-factor" that made this endeavor stand out was better materials, greater artwork, and superior finishing. Bera was established with the inclusion of packaging that adheres to international standards and an amazing customer service staff.

The firm got its start by presenting these enhanced Peshawari Chappals to neighborhood marketplaces, which gained popularity among the people very rapidly. When the demand for the brand's goods increased quickly, Bera expanded its operations to other Pakistani cities before going global.

Currently, Bera is a well-known company that sells a variety of fashionable and cozy Peshawari Chappals. It has a significant internet presence and ships its goods all over the world.

In conclusion, Bera began with a straightforward concept to upgrade the conventional Peshawari Chappal. The company has established itself as a household name in Pakistan and abroad thanks to its commitment to high-quality materials, craftsmanship, ultimate finishing, and great customer service.

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