inspiration behind the brand name bera

The inspiration behind the name "Bera"

Jahangir and Rashed were inspired by the success of iconic brands like Markhor and Apple, which led them to start their own brand in 2014-15. They identified design and comfort as two crucial aspects of Peshawari chappal that needed to be improved to target a high-end customer base. With the manufacturing process already perfected, Bera joined the local incubation program Revolt at BaseCamp Peshawar in 2016, where the name "Bera" was suggested during a brainstorming session. Bera is the Pushto word for jujube plant, which embodies the brand's core values of resilience, versatility, and perseverance. Bera values resilience in terms of providing prompt responses to customers' queries, and its traditional products are versatile enough to be worn on any occasion. Perseverance is also a core value, as Bera aims to provide high-quality products regardless of market conditions.

The jujube plant is native to many regions worldwide, but its best form is found in the arid and semi-arid regions of North West of Pakistan, where it has adapted to survive and even thrive in harsh conditions. This makes it an important symbol of resilience and perseverance for the local people and an inspiration for the Bera brand. The jujube plant has multiple uses and benefits, including providing shade, sweet and energy-rich fruit, and wood for fuel during winters. Its ability to thrive in difficult conditions and provide valuable resources is a testament to its resilience and versatility, which are also key values that Bera seeks to embody in its brand. The name "Bera" was chosen partly for its simplicity and ease of pronunciation, with only two sounds that make it memorable for customers.

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